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(Pocket-lint) - RED is making a smartphone, and we finally just learned a bit more about the mysterious device, including the fact that it is massive.

When the high-end cameramaker announced its Hydrogen One smartphone this summer, it only revealed a few stand-out features, which you can read all about from here, but for the most part, it kept consumers in the lurch, anxiously awaiting more details. Now, thanks to a video that YouTuber Marques Brownlee just posted, we've been treated to a few different prototypes of the phone.

One is a dummy unit that represents what the final phone will look like, while another one demos the phone's “holographic display,” and the third unit is a separate camera module with a lens and sensor. In other words, none of these are the finished phone, which isn't surprising, as RED has already warned people that it could change the design of the phone. It won't even guarantee pricing.

MKBHD / YouTubeRED phone image 2

The company has already opened up pre-orders. It starts at $1,195 for the aluminium model, or you can get a titanium one for $1,595. But before you throw down that amount of money, you probably want to know exactly what you're getting. Unfortunately, we were only able to get a few clues from the hands-on video on YouTube. For one, the forthcoming phone is massive.

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It's about "the same size as an iPhone 7 Plus - with a case on it,” Brownlee explained. The power button will also serve as a fingerprint reader, and there is a dedicated video record button, stereo speakers on the front, dual-camera setup, and a headphone jack at the bottom. Brownlee also said the screen offers up a “crazy, deep, sort of 3D look" that “definitely wasn’t perfect".

He also said RED should show off a new working prototype within the next 45 days, so sometime in September.

Writing by Elyse Betters.