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(Pocket-lint) - Apple packed so much stuff into its WWDC 2017 keynote that many awesome features in iOS 11 weren't even mentioned.

During the two-hour presentation at the mostly-annual developers conference, CEO Tim Cook and other Apple executives barely unveiled the new operating system for iPhone and iPad. Sure, we learned about phone-to-phone payments in iMessage, new augmented reality efforts, etc, which you can read all about from here, but the software is actually loaded with tonnes more tricks.

We know this because the company released a beta version of iOS 11 and developers got their hands on it early and discovered unannounced features. The company also quietly showed a slide (above) during the keynote that listed dozens of additions in iOS 11. Here are the best ones we've found or learned about so far. Keep checking back, too, as we'll update this piece with more over time.

Best iOS 11 features Apple didn't announce

Custom Control Center

Apple mentioned the Control Center has been redesigned, but did you know it'll also customisable? Although the layout can't be changed, you can select what's displayed via Settings. There are a tonne of new options including Low Power Mode, Notes, Text Size, Wallet, Screen Recording, and more. There's even a new option to add Apple TV Remote controls to Control Center.

Type to Siri

In the Accessibility menu under General in Settings, there is a new Type to Siri option. With this option, you can type out your question rather than say it aloud to Siri. You could technically type commands into Siri with iOS 10, but you had to tap on a spoken query and then edit it.

Markup screenshots

When you take a screenshot, you'l be able to go full screen and have access to new tools for cropping and annotation. So, you can markup your screenshots with iOS 11 - no third-party app required.

Screen recording

You will be able to record your screen with a simple tool in the iPhone's redesigned Control Center. The new tool, called Screen Recorder, will be available if you customise your Control Center shortcuts via Settings. Then, just tap the red button to start recording. You can tap the title bar to stop recording, too, and the video will be saved to your camera roll like normal.

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Dark mode

Apple offers a darker display mode, where it inverts colours, but that's always negatively affected photos and other things you see on the screen. Now, a Smart Invert setting (Settings > General > Accessibility > Display Accommodations > Invert Colors) will turn light backgrounds dark, but it won't do anything to images and icons. It's basically an unofficial dark mode.

One-handed keyboard

There is a new one-handed typing keyboard in iOS 11, but it can only be found by holding down on the emoji key and selecting it from the menu. Keep in mind Microsoft introduced its own one-handed keyboard for iOS last year. While Microsoft's keyboard was a half circle, Apple's crowds the keys to the left or right, with the idea of making it easier to type with one hand.

Built-in QR code scanner

The Camera app has been updated with the ability to read QR codes. You can therefore scan the code with your camera to quickly open websites, access Wi-Fi networks, share your contact details, prove your ticket is valid, or whatever else the QR code is enabled to do.

Wi-Fi sharing

Ever go to a friend's house and see them spend 30 minutes trying to remember their Wi-Fi password? With iOS 11, that is no more. A new Wi-Fi sharing feature will notify you when a visitor wants to join your Wi-Fi network and it will automatically share your Wi-Fi password with them, too, as long as you approve their password request.

Automatic setup

One of the most annoying aspects about getting a new iPhone has been resolved, thank to Automatic Setup. By simply holding a new iPhone or iPad near an iOS device or Mac you own, you can transfer over all your preferences, settings, and even iCloud Keychain passwords.

Is that it?

There's also that slide Apple quietly showed at WWDC 2017. While it's loaded with many new iOS 11 features, there are a few worth pointing out: for one, Apple is opening up the NFC chip previously reserved for Apple Pay. It also revealed iCloud family storage plans are coming. Lastly, Apple will begin auto-filling passwords for apps, not just websites in Safari. 

When can you get iOS 11?

iOS 11 is out now and available to any iPhone user using an iPhone 5S or later, iPad user with an Air or Mini 2 onwards, or a sixth generation iPod Touch. 

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Writing by Elyse Betters.