Best retro phones we'd all like to see come back

The Cityman was one of the first "compact" phones. Iconic and instantly recognisable. (image credit: Redfield 1982)
The classic Motorola DynaTAC. This phone could manage a call of up to 60 minutes, but then would need a 10 hour charge to be ready to go again. (image credit: Engadget)
This was a Star Trek fan's dream phone. With a design that made it look and feel like a Star Trek Communicator. Alas you couldn't use it to call for a beam out. (image credit: Pinterest)
This phone was so popular it helped fuel Palm's transition from a PDA manufacturer to a smartphone pioneer. (image credit: iFixit)
The T28 was successful for being the smallest and lightest phone available at the time. A pocket-worthy design that continues to appeal now. (image credit:
The 6210 was the phone that kickstarted BlackBerry, combining phone and messaging, with e-mail, web browser and BlackBerry Messenger. (image credit: Crackberry)
The V70 from 2002 simply looked (and still does) cool. (image credit: Keyword Suggest)
By today's standard this phone is a real beast. But it was an incredibly important device for the future of smartphones. (image credit: Research Gate)
The Motorola StarTAC offered something we had yet to see in mobile phones: a sleek and small design that was actually appealing. (image credit: Thai Visa)
What can we say about the Motorola Razr? The ultimate classic.  (image credit: eBay)
The Motorola i860 was one of the first phones to offer push-to-talk, a popular feature that was basically like a coast to coast walkie-talkie capability. (image credit: Digital Trends)
The LG Chocolate pretty much changed the game for phones. And now LG is no longer making phones. (image credit: CNET)