At least one version of the three different iPhone models due in 2017 might sport a standard body size - as well as dual lenses.

If every iPhone 7S/8 report floating around were true, we can expect several iPhone models next year. And at least one of them could blow our minds with an OLED screen and more. Alas, as the new year draws nearer, the rumour mill is narrowing its focus. The latest round of news has indicated Apple will introduce three iPhone 7S or iPhone 8 models in 2017, with one of them being a 5-incher that sits between the standard and Plus models.

SlashGear/Mac Otakaranew 5 inch iphone 7s might feature a vertical dual lens camera image 2

The interesting thing about this upcoming handset is that it doesn't appear to be the mythical iPhone 8 with all those bells and whistles. Instead, it'll have a vertically arranged dual-lens camera. And that's about it. This middle-child smartphone will pack all the same features as its siblings; however, due to its smaller body, it'll must offer those fancy dual lenses in a different layout than what the larger iPhone Plus model can manage.

If this report (via Mac Otakara) is true, the next iPhones will be an incremental update to Apple's phone lineup, rather than an overhaul. That means iPhone 7S will likely be the new iPhones' name, as the report suggested, and not iPhone 8.

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