(Pocket-lint) - These days, we’re more likely to turn around and head home when we realise we’ve forgotten our smartphones than our wallets.

A recent survey stated  that an iPhone 6 or 6s lasts on average just six weeks before it’s damaged in some way. Whether a handset falls out of your hands, tumbles from your pocket or slides from your lap – the three most common ways people break their phones according to one phone case manufacturer – it needs to be fixed. Everybody wants the best result from the repair service that they choose.

Not every repair company is professional and trustworthy, so how do you choose where to take your precious hardware?

The iCracked service is highly effective. Let’s go through what sets it apart.

The company is setting the standard high for the rest of the industry to try and follow. It’s professionally certified, for a start, with a rigorous certification program which sees new repair engineers, called iTechs, undergo extensive training for every new device that the company is adding to it’s services repertoire.Being familiar with last year’s model isn’t enough.

After all, the technology changes radically between phone models. Remember how the quality of the iPhone screen improved radically with the introduction of the Retina display?

Or how the camera on the iPhone 6s was markedly better than on the iPhone 6, even if they looked superficially similar? You need an engineer who knows your phone inside out.

The iTechs are trained to be up to date with every new gadget on the market. This means that the repair can be done quickly, but with skill and professionalism. You can go to iCracked with confidence.


Staff are rigorously verified. All the iTechs must pass background checks before they meet their first customer and customer feedback is carefully monitored.

There’s more to the service than just outstanding repair skills. There’s also much greater convenience than the rival services offer. The repair is done at the location and time of the customer’s choice. This can be your home, which is certainly handy. But if you dropped your phone at work, the iTech can come to your office and quickly and quietly fix things there, so your life continues uninterrupted.

If your workplace is convenient but not quite suitable, the iTech will meet you in a coffee shop or other favorite location so that your phone can be back up and running in no time. This way, you don’t have your boss breathing over your shoulder while the repair takes place.

The iTechs  are available from early to late so don’t worry if the accident happened at either end of the day or before the sun comes up– iCracked has you covered morning, noon or night.

Things don’t end when the repair work is finished. The company is so confident in its parts and technicians, each repair comes with a lifetime warranty so that it’s not going to fail further down the line.

After all, however convenient the repair work is – and it is very convenient – you don’t want to go through it again.

iCracked uses the most reliable, high-quality components (so the phone works as smoothly as it did before the repair) and the most effective engineers. This sets the service apart.

That’s before you add in the lifetime warranty and the convenience of seeing your beloved phone spring back into life as good as new before your eyes and at a place that suits you best. Morning, noon, night, coffee shop, restaurant, office, iCracked has you covered.