Mobile World Congress (MWC) is the biggest mobile event of the year. The show sees the launch of many of the year's top smartphones, smartwatches and tablets, as well as seeing the emergence of the hottest new trends in mobile, such as 5G.

Generally speaking, all the big brands attend MWC in one way or another. The exception is Apple, although the trends outlined at MWC very much include the iPhone.

Here are all the Mobile World Congress 2019 announcements that matter, wrapped up in one place.

The biggest launches of Mobile World Congress 2019? 

Sony at MWC 2019: Xperia 1 and Xperia 10

Sony Mobile always launches new handsets at MWC, and this year was no different with no less than four devices announced. Top-of-the-range is the Xperia 1 that sees a 4K OLED HDR 21:9 aspect ratio display, offering a different form factor.

The Xperia 10 and 10 Plus also have 21:9 aspect ratio displays but they sit in the mid range. The Xperia 1 replaces the Xperia XZ Premium range, while the Xperia 10 and 10 Plus take the place of the Xperia XA range in an attempt to simplify the naming structure. There was also a 5G prototype on the stand. 

Pocket-lintHuawei Mate X folding phone image 1

Huawei at MWC 2019: Mate X folding phone revealed

One of the show's biggest announcements came in the form of Huawei's folding phone, the Mate X. It's not the first foldable phone we've ever seen, but it is the most sophisticated, thanks to an OLED panel that bends across a hinge to flip between tablet and two-sided phone formats. It makes the Samsung Fold, announced on 20 February, look like more of a prototype by comparison. But the Huawei will be a lot more expensive, at €2299, when it launches in the "middle of 2019".

The company also announced its updated laptops range, with the MateBook 13, MateBook 14 and MateBook X Pro all featuring.

The Huawei P30 and P30 Pro smartphones weren't announced, but we know they'll be launching in late March. We've had word that the launch will take place on 26 March in Paris

Xiaomi at MWC 2019: Mi 9 and Mi Mix 3 5G

Xiaomi isn't new to MWC, but it has been increasingly raising its profile outside of homeland China - and 2019 is set to be the biggest year yet now that it's launched in the UK.

Although there was rumour of a folding phone coming, that failed to materialise - so we suspect the company will unveil something towards the middle of the year instead.

The conference did show off the recently announced Mi 9 and Mi Mix 3 5G, though.

Pocket-lintNokia 9 PureView initial review image 21

Nokia at MWC 2019: Nokia 9 PureView with penta camera

Nokia has announced a large number of phones over the last few years as it attempts to fight its way back into the limelight. From retro re-releases to a full range of affordable Android One devices, Nokia has been pretty exciting over the past 24 months.

And it didn't disappoint with its conference on 24 February, unveiling the Nokia 9 PureView, complete with no fewer than five rear cameras. Yep, the penta camera is here - and we thought that a quad camera setup was enough.

The 9 PureView isn't about offering a multitude of wide-angle and zoom optics, though, its five cameras are there with the aim of helping you produce the best quality shot. Read more about it here: Nokia 9 PureView camera explained. Nokia also updated a number of entry-level devices.

Pocket-lintOppo 10x camera lossless image 1

Oppo 10x zoom and 5G

There's a lot happening with Oppo at the moment - it officially launched into the UK on 29 January with its RX17 Pro and Find X phones - and at MWC it showed off its first taste of a 10x zoom system, as well as showing off its first 5G handset - the very same phone.

It's part of a triple camera unit, but it's the periscope-like 10x zoom that's the real take-away feature. No other manufacturer can offer such significant zoom within a phone - well, not without cropping/resolution loss anyway - which means the 2020 Oppo release plan for a new flagship should be very interesting indeed.

Pocket-lintMobile World Congress 2019 All The Latest Announcements And News image 14

LG at MWC 2019: LG G8 and LG V50 ThinQ 5G announced

LG already confirmed that the LG G8 ThinQ and V50 ThinQ smartphones would be unveiled at its MWC event so neither came as a surprise. However, the Dual-Screen accessory for the latter offers something different to the norm.

LG might not have a foldable smartphone in its range yet, the G8 proves that it still knows how to make a flagship device with a few tricks up its sleeve. And, in the V50, it has a 5G handset ready to compete when the networks are available.

MicrosoftMobile World Congress 2019 All The Latest Announcements And News Lead image 1

Microsoft at MWC 2019: Welcome to HoloLens 2

Microsoft launched the second generation version of its augmented reality headset. The Microsoft HoloLens 2 is lighter, smaller and more advanced than the previous model, with a wider field of view and much higher resolution displays for each eye.

It is available for pre-order now for $3,500.

Also available for pre-order is Microsoft's Azure Kinect Time-of-Flight sensor camera that can be used to automatically detect circumstances in work places and much more.

Pocket-lintBlackBerry Key2 Red image 11

BlackBerry at MWC 2019: Red Edition Key2

BlackBerry often uses MWC to make some sort of announcement, but for 2019 it wasn't exactly a massive one. Well, unless you're into red, in which case you might love the BlackBerry Key2's Red Edition. Which is as it sounds: a hot red version of the BB Key2 phone. 

Pocket-lint5g is here image 1

Qualcomm declared that 5G is here

Qualcomm announced the X55 second-gen modem before the show, but used MWC to confirm that 5G is very much here and now, saying that the roll-out will be 10x faster than 4G. It's very much an Android experience at the moment with a number of 5G handsets announced at the show and switch-on for a number of networks across the globe in 2019.

Qualcomm also announced that it had plans to release a Snapdragon platform with integrated 5G, which will make it cheaper and easier for manufacturers to integrate 5G into more devices. Additionally, Qualcomm said it is certifying wireless Quick Charge devices - the first of which is the 20W Xiaomi charger.

What and when is Mobile World Congress?

MWC is an annual trade show run by the GSMA. The location theoretically moves around Europe, but for many years it has been held in Barcelona, Spain.

For 2019, the show runs from 25-28 February - those being the dates when the show is active, the keynotes are running and the exhibition halls are open. However, many of the big announcements happened at the press conferences on Sunday 24 February.

Outside of the consumer sphere, it also draws in many of the industry heavyweights to talk about the future of mobile, like 5G, mobile hardware, VR and other associated technologies.