Sharp wowed us a couple of years ago when it introduced the Aquos Crystal phone with a virtually bezel-less display. Unfortunately for us Brits it never made it to our shores and was only made available in the US.

The company is now back with another phone that pushes the boundaries of smartphone design, by producing a screen with actual curved corners. Appropriately called the Corner R, the new phone was unveiled at CEATECH 2016 in Japan and uses Sharp's Free-Form Display technology which allows the screen to be cut and shaped into various shapes and ways.

The screen itself is a full HD 5.2in IGZO LCD panel that we think looks obscenely gorgeous, with the curved corners helping with the illusion of no bezel. The display is rated at 425ppi and has virtual buttons underneath. Unfortunately, Sharp didn't divulge any other specs

Of course, it's not the first time we've seen a curved display, as Samsung has the Galaxy S6 Edge and S7 Edge, but they have a large bezel at the top to house the earpiece. As for where the earpiece features in the Sharp Corner R remains a mystery.

The bad news is that the Corner R is just a concept for now, so it may never make it to retail stores, although we can't think of many people who wouldn't want to buy one. Come on Sharp, do the right thing.

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