Apple hasn't even released this year's iPhone upgrade yet, and there are already reports coming out about the 2017 model.

Next year is the 10th anniversary of the iPhone, and so rumour has it Apple is going all out. In fact, it's keeping this year's upgrade pretty basic, because it wants to save a dramatic redesign for the 2017 iPhone. As part of that redesign, Apple will ditch the home button, which has existed on all previous iPhones to date, according to a new report from Bloomberg.

Other rumours about the 2017 iPhone include OLED display technology, so the entire from of the handset will look like "a single sheet of glass", The Wall Street Journal reported in June. Apple might release a third model next year, too, alongside the standard iPhone and the Plus version. Its standout feature will be a curved display like Samsung's Galaxy S7 Edge.

Nikkei Asian Review claimed Samsung may supply the curved OLED displays. As for this year's model, it'll get rid of the headphone jack, and come with two rear cameras and 3GB of RAM. It'll also have a pressure-sensitive home button.