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(Pocket-lint) - Even if you aren't ready to ditch your plastic credit card, you might have no choice soon, as FIS and and Payment Alliance International (PAI) are forcing ATM goers to at least acknowledge that cardless withdrawals are a thing.

The two have announced a partnership that will allow you to withdraw money using Touch ID from over 70,000 ATMs -- a sign that the end of plastic cards is upon us. FIS Cardless Cash is a QR code-based solution that lets customers withdraw funds through an iPhone app without inserting a card into the machine, while PAI is the largest operator of non-bank-owned ATMs in the US.

Their partnership (NYCE) marks the first national network to support phone-to-ATM transactions. PAI's ATMs will be equipped with FIS and made available in stores, malls, and restaurants across the country. While they aren't using Apple Pay, they will let you get cash out using your iPhone and QR codes combined with an app. All transactions will also require Touch ID verification.

FIS said transactions should take mere seconds and that you'll get a digital receipt, too:

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"Cardless Cash protects consumers by reducing risk of card skimming and shoulder surfing, both of which are on the rise at ATMs, according to industry data. By leveraging FIS Mobile Banking with Touch ID, customers securely access their funds and authorize the amount they want without inserting a plastic card into an ATM. The mobile banking app acts as a remote control for the ATM, providing unparalleled privacy and security for consumers. Customers using FIS Cardless Cash can complete their withdrawals in 10 seconds and get an electronic receipt on their smartphone."

Keep in mind Bank of America announced last month that it is bringing Apple Pay to ATMs across the country. Between that integration and today's announcement, it's clear that cardless transactions are quickly becoming the go-to way of getting your money.

Woo! The future!

Writing by Elyse Betters. Originally published on 15 July 2016.