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(Pocket-lint) - "I spy with my little eye... something red!" 

Nexbit, a new phone-maker made up of ex-Google and ex-HTC people, live-streamed via Periscope and Facebook Live on Thursday afternoon in order to announce the beta of its web interface for photo backups. That's neat. But do you know what's better than that? That mysterious, red phone casually sitting in the background of the stream. Is it a new Nexbit Robin? Or is it just a red version of Robin (which notably comes in blue)?

So many questions. 

Robin stands out from other Android handsets simply because it aims to resolve your storage woes with a clever software system that uses the cloud, and it will smartly archive and restore your content based on your usage and needs. When Pocket-lint reviewed the phone earlier this year, we said we liked the refreshing design, and that Nextbit's cloud storage solution works well.

The phone isn't that old, though, so it would be odd for Nextbit to launch a second-generation model. Instead, we're assuming the bright red phone buried beneath a pile of recognisable blue Robins is probably just a red version that's about to be launched. Nextbit likely forgot to move the device out of the camera's view before it hopped online to promote its new web product.

Update: It appears this was no accident. Nextbit just posted the following tweet, indicating it knew the red phone was visible all along, and that a red design might indeed be on the way.

Writing by Elyse Betters. Originally published on 8 July 2016.