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(Pocket-lint) - These days there are plenty of options for selling your phone but few are as simple as musicMagpie.

Although its name doesn't initially scream gadget recycling service and store, that's exactly what it is and selling your phone is as easy as pie (no pun intended).

Whether you have just bought a new phone and you are looking to get rid of your old handset for a bit of extra cash, or you are hoping to buy a new phone but need the means to do it in the first place, musicMagpie is there to help.

Selling your phone is not only super simple, but the site offers something it calls an Electronics Price Promise. This promise means that, unlike other recycling services, whatever musicMagpie quotes you for your device, it will pay you that full amount or send your device back for free. Here's how to sell your phone on musicMagpie in five steps.

Head to the musicMagpie site

Naturally, the first step in selling your phone this way is to head to the musicMagpie site. The homepage is split into two sections: Sell and Shop. Click on the "Sell Electronics" button on the left and begin typing your phone's name and model into the search bar.

As you type, a drop down list will appear below where you should see the device you want to sell listed. Click on the correct model and you've officially started on the road to the pot of gold.

Select the condition of your device

After you've selected the make and model of your phone, musicMagpie will ask you to select the condition of your device from another drop down menu. There are three conditions to choose from: good, poor and faulty.

Don't worry if you aren't sure what condition your device is in, as all three have a list of bullet points so you can check you meet the criteria for that particular condition. For example, good condition requires the device to be fully functional with working system software.

Once you have selected the condition, you'll see a price quote in the top right-hand corner showing how much your device is worth.

Create an account

Once you have chosen the condition that best describes your device, click add to put it in your basket. MusicMagpie will then give you the option to repeat the process if you have more than one phone to sell or you can opt to checkout.

You'll need to accept the terms and conditions and register for a musicMagpie account or sign in if you already have an account. Don't worry, setting up an account doesn't take long so you won't be there for hours. It asks a few standard questions, along with your bank account details.

Choose how to get paid

After registration is complete and you've created your account, musicMagpie asks you to choose one of three options for payment. You can select a bank transfer, which is the quickest, a cheque, or you can choose to donate the money to one of the seven musicMagpie partnered charities.

The charities include the RSPCA, Breast Cancer Care, Barnardo's, Teenage Cancer Trust, Stand Up To Cancer, Terrence Higgins Trust and British Forces Broadcasting Service.

Bank transfers are paid on the day that musicMagpie receives your phone and the cash will be ready to spend the next day.

Choose how to send your device

The last step to reach the pot of gold is to choose how you send your phone to musicMagpie. There are two options, one of which is a free courier service that will collect your device on the same day. The second option is a free smart send service that allows you to pick a Post Office branch and send your device for nothing.

Once you've decided the easiest option for you, confirm your order and say bye bye to your phone. Don't forget to wipe it and restore everything to factory settings before you send it.

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Want to sell your old phone? Check out Pocket-lint's preferred recycling partner musicMagpie.co.uk to find out how much money you can get for it.