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(Pocket-lint) - If you love tech as much as we do, the chances are you have a few old gadgets lying around the house, whether in a cupboard, a drawer or just cluttering up the kitchen table. Those gadgets might not be the latest and greatest, but they aren't worthless either and as the old adage goes, look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves.

MusicMagpie might not sound like a place to go if you are looking to cash in your old devices but don't let the name fool you. It's an online recycling service and store that will allow you to buy and sell used gadgets, which means it is the perfect place to visit if you want to turn the gadgets cluttering up your home into easy cash.

You can also buy refurbished gadgets through the site but we're not talking just another eBay here. MusicMagpie fixes and replaces any damaged parts, reselling them as quality assured devices with warranties, rather than just second-hand or used. Here's how to turn old gadgets into cash using musicMagpie.

The first step is to get onto the site in the first place. As we mentioned, it is musicmagpie.co.uk. The homepage gives you the option to Sell or Shop. A click on "Sell Electronics" on the Sell side will bring up a search box whereby you simply start typing the gadget you have to sell and click on the correct model from the drop down list.

MusicMagpie then brings up another box where you select the condition your old device is in. There are three conditions to choose from - good, poor and faulty - each of which sees a list of bullet points appear when you select them so you can check you meet the criteria set for that particular condition. There will also be a price quoted in the top right-hand corner and a tiny picture of the device you are selling so you can double check you've got the right model and how much you will be getting.

Add the device to your basket once you've chosen the appropriate condition and you can then either repeat the process for another device or checkout. You'll need to accept the terms and conditions and register for an account or sign in.

Following registration, you have three options as to how you get paid, comprising bank transfer, cheque or donating to one of the seven musicMagpie partnered charities that include the RSPCA, Breast Cancer Care and Barnardo's.

There is a free courier service available, as well as a free smart send service that allows you to pick a Post Office branch and send your old gadgets for nothing. You then confirm your order and wait for the cash to start flowing, whether it's to you or your designated charity.

Bank transfers are paid on the same day that musicMagpie receives your items, and your cash will be ready to spend the next day. The company has a Price Promise that means you'll get the full amount you were quoted or it will send your electronics back for free.

Now you've heard how easy it is, here is the fun bit.

Some might surprise you, as you can potentially turn your clutter into cash.

Want to sell your old phone? Check out Pocket-lint's preferred recycling partner musicMagpie.co.uk to find out how much money you can get for it.