Charge your phone using leaves, nature’s solar panels, thanks to a new smart plant pot called Bioo.

The Bioo, currently on Indiegogo, is able to harness the energy gathering process of photosynthesis in order to create power. You can then plug your phone or tablet cable into the pot's USB output, cunningly disguised as a rock, and charge your device.

This is a totally green way to power your gadgets. In fact it's so positive that it could help add another reason to save plants and forests in the future.

The Bioo works by creating a chemical reaction between the organic material in the pot, water and organic materials discharged by the plant photosynthesising. The result should be unlimited power where you barely even need to water the plant much. Check out the video below for more of the science.

Bioonow you can turn any plant into a phone and tablet battery charger image 2

Bioo's creators say you should be able to charge two or three times per day at 3.5V and 0.5A, but it works both night and day. At that amperage don't expect to charge a tablet or phone quickly, but when it's free and actually helping the environment it's hard to complain.

The Bioo is currently on Indiegogo where it's broken its goal. You can order yours for €89 which is about £70, or $100, for an expected delivery date of December this year.

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