BlackBerry has announced its operating software BB10 is officially dead. It's a sad time. Not because future devices will be Android, but because it marks the end of yet another era for the Canadian company. 

Once upon a time, BlackBerry was the absolute nuts. It offered something all its competitors couldn't touch - access to emails on the go. Even if you didn't own a Blackberry yourself, you can bet your bottom dollar that you knew someone that did, or that you would at least see one in the hands of someone else on a regular basis.

That physical QWERTY keyboard with its tap, tap, tapping could be heard in every train carriage and on every plane. It wasn't just about emailing on the go though. You also had BBM - BlackBerry's Instant Messenger service. It might be all about WhatsApp now, but BBM had read receipts down donkey's years ago. It was yet another unique reason to buy a BlackBerry, appealing to a huge range of people, not just the ones in suits.

Sadly, those days are gone and while BlackBerry may still have millions of users, it's lost its mojo. We've taken a look back to where it all began. This gallery will take you on a BlackBerry journey, from the first handheld device in 1999, right up to where we are now in Android land. We haven't included every device ever announced by BlackBerry because none of us have all day, but you will find all the significant launches in the last two decades.

Writing this feature has made us miss our BlackBerry Bold so if you were ever a BlackBerry owner, you'll probably feel the love too.