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(Pocket-lint) - Screen protectors can be priceless to help keep your beloved (and probably expensive) phone or smart device free from scratches. But they can also look unsightly.

Now there's a quirky solution that doesn't depend on a stick-on layer at all. Shark Proof, as it's called - and no, we're not talking about the dodgy B-movie - is a nano-coating liquid solution that literally wipes onto your phone using a microfibre cloth.

Once set - which takes 15-minutes, but ought to be let to settle for several hours (i.e. overnight) -it acts as an invisible protective layer against keys and those would-be everyday scratch-capable items. We've seen it work, rubbed a set of keys up and down a protected phone screen ourselves, and there was no damage left behind.

What's perhaps particularly useful is that Shark Proof doesn't need to adhere to flat surfaces. So your Apple Watch, Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, LG G Flex 2, or other curved screen device can also benefit from the added layer of protection. And for the sake of £15, that seems worth it.

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Sure, some may prefer a swanky fold-out wallet for their phone, or a bulkier case, but if you want the raw original design with added peace of mind then Shark Proof is one easy do-it-yourself solution.

Writing by Mike Lowe. Originally published on 18 March 2016.