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(Pocket-lint) - We don't do unboxing here at Pocket-lint, but when the Nextbit Robin arrived, we felt we just had to share it, because it's rare to get something packaged so nicely.

There's definitely a chocolate box charm to the Robin. Slip off that sleeve and the box opens to reveal its sweet contents, the Robin handset and carefully coiled USB Type-C cable. (Yes, be excited, it's a USB Type-C cable that's carrying a regular USB connection on the other end.)

The attention to detail in design is exquisite. We especially like the spine stitching inside the box, keeping in place a few pages that explain why Robin is different. 

Naturally the sweetest treat is the handset itself. Designed to be different, Robin's uniqueness is how it manages storage, with the aim of giving you a device that never runs out of space. 

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This is achieved through a closer syncing with the cloud, not only backing-up your content, but smartly offloading apps and data you don't regularly use.

That means that you'll never run out of space when you want to shoot a load of video, because the Robin smartly manages everything. When you want an app back, it quickly restores as you left it however many months before. 

So here's a quick glimpse at what you'll get when your Nextbit Robin arrives. Make sure you check back next week for a full review of this new rebel handset.

Writing by Chris Hall. Originally published on 12 February 2016.