The MoboMarket Android app store has taken a deep look at mobile data in India and released all of its findings in a new report.

One of the more interesting bits discovered is that Sunday is the day with the highest app download activity, followed by Saturday, or at least that was true during the third quarter of 2015. It seems Indian users like to download more games than apps too, and in general, they download apps more during the weekend than on weekdays. Indian users apparently like to relax and play games on their days off, basically.

Also, in Q2 and Q3, Samsung made up the majority of the market share in India, followed by Micromax.

In fact, Samsung and Micromax accounted for almost 60 per cent of the market share in India, which, according to MoboMarket, indicates the country has "formidable constraints" when it comes to acceping new-coming brands. Beyond phone-brand stuff, MoboMarket was able to determine the most granular statistics about users' habits and their phones, such as the most common phone resolution type.

That's right. MoboMarket said the most common phone resolution type in India is WVGA, with 45.5 per cent of the total market share. Here's some of the other interesting Q2-Q3 trends in India, as highlighted by MoboMarket...

What is MoboMarket?


MoboMarket, a leading Chinese web company, was developed by Baidu. It is an Android app store, which offers games, apps, wallpapers, etc, and has 13 million frequent users worldwide. In Q3 2015, for instance, MoboMarket had 2.7 million monthly active users. During that 90-day period, the Android app store also saw 66 million downloads as well as 660,000 apps listed.

Which phone OS is most popular in India?



More than 90 per cent of Indian users were using Android 4.x OS, with the most frequently-used version being Android 4.4, followed by Android 4.2. Usage of Android 4.4 increased significantly in Q3 when compared to Q2.

Do Indian users use Wi-Fi or mobile data more?


It seems mobile data reigns supreme in India, as 78 per cent of Indian users use mobile data and only 15 per cent use Wi-Fi.

MoboMarket suggested developers focus on data-saving feature to enhance user experience.

What time do Indian users download the most apps?


The hour with the highest download activity is 9 pm, followed by 1 pm.

It seems Indian users most likely sleeping around 3 am though, because that's the hour with the least download activity. Keep in mind the time zone of this data is UTC +05:00.

How often do Indian users download apps?


More than 18 per cent of Indian users download apps on a daily basis, where as 32.6 per cent of users download 1 app per day. Interestingly, MoboMarket found that 7.5 per cent of users download 10 or more apps per day. But, on average, each user downloads 3.4 apps per day.

Which apps and games were most popular in India?


So, we know games were the most popular type of app in India, but did you know the top game categories included racing, casual and action, while role-playing games were the least-downloaded game type in India?

Meanwhile, MoboMarket said the most popular non-game app categories among Indian users in Q2 and Q3 were photography, lifestyle, and personalisation, followed by social, video, and system tool apps.

All of this data was based on the top 200 downloaded games and apps.

Which apps and games were most popular in India on MoboMarket?


Apps under the communication, audio, and photography categories on MoboMarket saw a "disproportionately higher percentage of downloads" compared to their availability, according to MoboMarket, with photography being the app category with the highest download activity (among the top 500 apps). The app category with the least downloads - books and magazines - was, ironically, also the largest.

The five most-installed apps altogether were WhatsApp, UC Browser Mini, Video downloader and live TV-Vidmate, भाभी को कैसे पटाय, and Cell Tracker.

Looking even closer at which apps were the most popular in India on MoboMarket, the top five installed apps in the video category were Vidmate, MX Player, TubeMate YouTube, Gaana: Bollywood and Hindi Songs, and YouTube Video Downloader, while the top five apps in the social category included Facebook Lite, भारतीय चुटकुल, Facebook, Messenger, and Imo free.


When it comes to games on MoboMarket, racing, action, and casual categories had a higher percentage of downloads than other categories, mirroring mobile game-download trends throughout India. More specifically, the most popular game titles were Truck Traffic Racing 3D, GTA V Games, Gangster Moto Game, Temple Train free, and 3D Car Racing Real.

Keep in mind 80 per cent of the top 10 installed apps in India have package sizes of 10MB or less, likely because most users don't use Wi-Fi but rather mobile data, and package size influences their choice.

How often do Indian users update apps?


Not surprisingly (considering the small amount of users who use Wi-Fi), MoboMarket said only 1.54-per cent of Indian users update apps on a daily basis. But, on average, each user updates 3.6 apps per day. Oh, and social apps were updated most frequently, followed by System Tools, while casual and action were the most frequently-updated game types.

Want to know more?

Check out MoboMarket's full report (here) for more details.