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(Pocket-lint) - The first Android BlackBerry arrived in the Priv recently and hot on its heels could be another Android smartphone with keyboard.

The BlackBerry CEO, John Chen, has already confirmed that the company's Android line would be growing beyond the Priv. After the Priv was well received by the press this move down that road seems to make more sense than ever.

These renders arrived on the desks of CrackBerry who are banding about the name Vienna for the smartphone.

The images show that the next BlackBerry Android handset should still feature a keyboard. Unlike the Priv's slide-out keyboard this one appears to be permanent and front-facing. From the renders it seems like BlackBerry could be planning a release of at least four colour variants for the handset.

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It's also worth noting the similarities between these renders and the BlackBerry Leap. Those angular top edges and finish on the rear as well as the rear camera placement all appear similar. Since this is a more affordable handset than the Priv the next Android phone may be aimed at the mid-range rather than being another flagship.

Whether BlackBerry will eventually create an Android smartphone with no physical keyboard isn't clear. At the moment BlackBerry offers something unique to Android with the keyboard. So perhaps this will be a period of testing the waters to see how many Android fans jump to the good ship BlackBerry.

When we will see the Vienna is not known but if BlackBerry wants to keep momentum after the Priv we'd expect it sooner rather than later.

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Writing by Luke Edwards. Originally published on 12 November 2015.