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(Pocket-lint) - As we approach the Nexus 6P release date of 29 September, we've seen more and more of the next Nexus device. But this is probably the biggest leak yet when it comes to design.

Courtesy of Android Police we have what appears to be a product shot for the new handset, the Huawei-built Nexus 6P. We know it's going to be called the Nexus 6P, because packaging for the new Nexus device has also surfaced from the same source. 

You might not be too surprised by what you see before you, because it matches many of the rumours we've seen previously.

The Nexus 6P has a metal unibody construction, typical of Huawei's leading devices, but with a camera bulge towards the top of this handset, with that black insert in it. It's said that the Nexus 6P is 6.6mm thick through the body, and 8.5mm at the top where that bulge is.

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Android Policehuge nexus 6p photo leak reveals design confirms rumours image 2

It's thought to be a 5.7-inch device, and in this image you can see that it's running Android 6.0 Marshmallow, with the wallpaper matching the imagery in the background on the packaging we've just seen too.

You'll notice that the time is set at 6:00 in the top left-hand corner, a nod to the Android version that it's going to introduce. 

You can also see the pair of front-facing speakers, as well as the fingerprint scanner on the rear of the handset. If it performs anywhere near as well as the Huawei Mate S, it will be very welcome indeed.

There's little left to learn about the new Nexus device. You can keep up with all the rumours and Nexus 6P specs right here, and we'll be reporting live from the unveiling on 29 September.

Writing by Chris Hall. Originally published on 23 September 2015.