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(Pocket-lint) - The Venice isn't the only BlackBerry that might be running Android. There have been rumours that the Passport might be getting an Android makeover too. 

There's long been chatter about BlackBerry's relationship with Android. This started with support for Android apps, followed by the inclusion of Amazon Appstore in BB10. 

Company CEO John Chen went on the record with CNBC saying that the company would be interested in using Android if it could be made secure enough.

But more recently, this trickle of rumour has become a torrent, with the dam now bursting, following a full video run-through of Android Lollipop on the BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition.

Dudu Tec Rock/YouTubenow the blackberry passport appears on video running android image 3

Information from TudoCelular suggests that BlackBerry plans to release a newly designed device on Android first - the slider device codenamed Venice that we've talked about before - with the possibility of releasing the Android Passport if it's popular, later in 2016.

TudoCelular points us to Brazilian YouTuber Dudu Tec Rock, who appears to have got his hands on a BlackBerry Passport running Android. We can't translate the video (he says BlackBerry a lot), but we did notice that his Ikea shelf appears to be propped up by his monitor...

Anyway, after 5 minutes of preamble, you get to see the demo of Android on the Passport.

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Some areas of the device are pixelated out to hide prototype numbers etched onto the screen and body of this BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition - we've seen pre-release devices marked in this way before, to discourage people from sharing photos or videos of them.

The demo shows what looks like a fairly conventional version of Android Lollipop on the Passport as Dudu runs through various apps.

One of the cool features of the Passport is the ability to scroll the display by swiping across the physical keyboard, which is demonstrated on the video. You'll also notice small BB details - the notification icon on apps like Twitter is the classic red BB star, for example.

As the Passport has a big square display, there's the option to switch to widescreen via a shortcut in the Quick Settings, used in this video to resize Chrome so it fits the display better.

We also get a look at the on-screen keyboard that can be opened above the physical keyboard as well as all the regular Android apps that are in place, including Google Play.

What we don't see, however, are more important things like BlackBerry Hub. Surely this will be the most important aspect of any device that BlackBerry launches on Android: all we see in this video is a conventional Android experience on different hardware.

Of course none of this is confirmed by BlackBerry, but the rumours say we'll be seeing the BlackBerry Venice launched in November, perhaps with the new Android Passport in 2016.

Thanks Lucas for the tip. 

Writing by Chris Hall. Originally published on 24 August 2015.