Google is majorly teasing Android M, with a new video posted to YouTube.

Nat and Lo is a YouTube channel from two Google employees, and they make videos about various developments and special projects at Google. Their latest video, for instance, takes a look at what Google might call the next version of Android. It's titled "What's M Gonna Be?" (M, of course, is the first letter of the upcoming software's name).

Many people think Android M will stand for Milkshake, especially because a Google executive was seen on stage at Google I/O wearing an Android Wear watch with a milkshake displayed on the device's screen. But Google has not confirmed the name as of yet, and now Googlers Nat and Lo are teasing we might find out by next week.

The description beneath the video clip says the following: “Here’s a little musical hint about our next episode". They tend to post weekly videos, so we can assume next week's episode might reveal Android M's full name.

What do you think it'll be called? Milkshake? Marshmallow? Mincemeat pie? Yeah, we know that last one is pretty horrible. Sound off in the comments below and let us know your thoughts.