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(Pocket-lint) - The Apple iPhone 6 might have been around for almost a year, but that hasn't stopped new cases arriving for it - with a couple of the latest coming from Ted Baker.

Ted Baker is better known for its clothing - mens and womens - but it also makes some pretty decent phone cases. Most of the cases reflect the clothing collection that was around when the respective cases arrived. Generally, a print or a couple of specific colours are pulled out onto the cases to match a couple of the garments available that season.

It's a clever idea as it means that those into coordinating can not only buy a bag and cardigan that match, but their phone can be involved in their outfit too.

The latest collection from Ted Baker for the iPhone 6 is the Rose Collection and it features four cases, comprising a nude folio cover, white folio cover, nude snap-on cover and white snap-on cover, all of which have rose gold coloured trimmings. We don't have any of Ted's latest clothing collection so we don't match as well as some who buy one of these cases might, but we did try out the nude folio cover.

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Unlike some of Ted Baker's cases, the Rose Collection is a lot more toned down, with very summery colours and no prints at all. Rose gold is popular and fashionable at the moment so it's no surprise this is the trimming colour chosen for the new Ted Baker Rose Collection. It also goes very well with nude and white.

On the whole, there isn't much to say about the outside of the nude folio case. It's a lovely soft leather so it feels nice to hold and there is an indented trim on the back and front, which helps make the case look slimmer overall. Ted Baker London is printed in rose gold on the front but other than that, there is no other branding on the outside. Be a little careful with the leather as because it is so soft, it will pick up a couple of nicks which might put some off, but better the cover than your phone.

The rose gold trimming, which is of course not real gold but plastic, is what holds your iPhone 6 in place. You snap it on and it fits nice and securely. It's easier to get your iPhone 6 in by putting the power button side in first rather than the volume button side, but once it is in, it won't be coming out without some effort so you don't have to worry about your phone falling out. In true Ted Baker style, there is a little quote saying "consider yourself protected", which is a nice touch but you don't see this once the phone is in place of course.

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All buttons and ports are easily accessible, with the case cut-out accordingly. Nothing is covered up so after the device has been snapped in, there is no need to take it out again. The nude flip cover adds a little bit of bulk to the iPhone 6, but only enough to protect it and it is a lovely stylish cover so we don't mind too much. It snaps shut and stays shut, but it doesn't turn your display off from what we can tell so be mindful of that as pressing the power key to put the display to sleep will help your battery life.

Most flip cases on the market have card slots on the inside cover to make use of the space, but Ted Baker opts for a mirror instead. It's a slim mirror and it doesn't take up the entire inside cover. Ted has even gone to the trouble of printing a gold-coloured frame on it, and it has added the Ted Baker logo at the top just for good measure. You get about 30mm in width to see your lovely face and around 100mm in length, but try and keep your fingers off it as it is prone to prints.

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The mirror is the perfect size for checking eye make up or putting on lippy, but it makes your eyes go a bit funny if you try and focus on your entire face. We like that it is there though as it definitely comes in handy every now and then. Plus you can check what you look like before taking a selfie, which might even mean you only need to take one rather than 20 if you're into the selfie craze.

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The Ted Baker Rose Collection is available from Proporta from £29.95 with the flip cover costing £34.95. If you're after a simple, stylish, feminine iPhone 6 case that you can check yourself out in, it's definitely a collection worth considering.

Writing by Britta O'Boyle.