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(Pocket-lint) - There are only two actions you can take when an ambush is sprung. You can lie down in the killzone and die, or you can run into the enemy, charging the guns. Today was not a good day to die. 

There was no indication that this would be a hot LZ, but it lit up as we stepped off the ramp of our Chinook. Above the crack of the gunfire we could hear the scream of the turbines and that distinctive whomp whomp of the huge helicopter turning in the skies above. Was salvation going to come from above?

The swirling dust meant that the enemy was a blind as we were and clicking into immediate action drills gave us that split second advantage. It was chaos, but it was organised chaos, it was chaos that we mastered. 

It was a bad ambush, hastily put together on a single flank, firing from cover. It was undisciplined and already Henderson was pushing to our flank to get the enemy in enfilade fire. Fire and manoeuver, fire and manoeuver, the sweet clatter of the LMG laying down suppressing fire. 

I heard the whoosh of the RPG passing, before I was thrown to the ground, silence enveloping me, then punctured by the ringing in my ears. There was a fraction of tranquility, before I felt a buzzing in my leg. 

That damn Samsung Galaxy S6 battery really doesn't last long, and the 15 per cent battery notification brought me back to reality. 

I scooped the PNY Powerpack T2600 out of my web gear, screaming those immortal words from the Battle of Albuera: "Die hard SGS6, die hard." Seconds were passing, but seconds were what mattered. There was life in the old dog yet as I slapped the Micro-USB into the housing. Today was not a good day for the S6 to die. 

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The PNY Powerpack T2600 has a 2600mAh battery, good for about one recharge of your smartphone and costs around £10. There's a matching sync and charge cable, also around £10, because you never know when you'll need to sync data in the field.

Also available in pink and other colours.

Writing by Chris Hall.