Gigaset, a name normally associated with landline phones, is to enter the smartphone race, the CEO of the company confirmed to Pocket-lint.

Understanding that it takes more than just any old product to launch into a highly competitive market, the company is hoping its experience in the landline handset market over the last 160 years will help it succeed against the likes of Samsung and Apple.

The plan will be to simultaneously launch a range of Android smartphones in numerous markets around the world with an official launch of its new smartphone range at IFA in Berlin in September.

"Security has been and will be a major focus," said Charles Frankl.

In further comments to Pocket-lint the CEO confirmed that the phone is more likely to be aimed at high-end consumers rather than mid- or low-range "me too" markets.

"Ascot gives you an idea of where we will be pitching the market," said Frankl at the launch at Royal Ascot. "We have a strong heritage in products and we have never been at the low end."

The company is hoping a 5-year deal with Ascot racecourse will help bolster its position in consumer's minds about what they can expect from the range.