Well-timed and accidental phone pictures that will make you look twice

This chap really wanted to make sure he was in the photo. (image credit: Imgur)
Certainly a foamy finish and a brilliant celebration of a victory. (image credit: Waidhofer3)
The shadows of two strangers appear to stop for a delicate moment capture on camera. (image credit: allarmo.livejournal.com)
"The struggles of a substitute teacher" (image credit: DedRuck)
We bet even David Attenborough has never seen a duck surfing during his travels.  (image credit: SharkBearz)
Imagine what it would look like if a human being had a fish face. Would it be like this? (image credit: Nick Kelly)
Nothing to see here, just a mannequin venting some pent up frustration. (image credit: Imgur)
That is going to hurt in the morning. (image credit: taringa.net)
Ooof. Painful. (image credit: engine.co.ua)
This photo seems to show that fish don't really appreciate suba divers. (image credit: widelec.org)
This athlete really had trouble getting ahead (image credit: Runt-of-the-web.com)
A dog that can fire flames from its mouth, light a fire pit and keep unwelcome guests at bay.   (image credit: Boredpanda.com)
We wish we were that flexible. (image credit: Boredpanda)
A gigantic monster of a bird. This gull would certainly have your fries without a problem. (image credit: Truthseekerdaily.com)
A firefighter is caught climbing a ladder in a perfectly timed moment that sees him becoming an angel. (image credit: Reddit)
Not a single splash was given.  (image credit: Waterfordwhispersnews.com)
It seems that the Russian President might be in the hospital for some treatment and maybe doesn't want anyone to know. (image credit: dykai.eu)
Never light a match when standing near the rear end of a cow.    (image credit: Boredpanda)