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(Pocket-lint) - Another day, another battery discovery. The latest is an aluminium graphite battery that can recharge in a smartphone in just one minute.

This discovery has been made at Stanford University where scientists say this could be a viable replacement for current lithium ion batteries. Their aluminium graphite batteries are flexible, long lasting and charge ridiculously fast.

The only issue is they hold about half the power of a current lithium battery, but with charging to full in just a minute that's not too much of a problem.

There have been plenty of battery discoveries of late but most have been in the lab, where they have remained. Despite smartphone manufacturers working with and funding a lot of research, batteries still remain lithium ion in mobile devices.

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Advances in wireless charging have also been made, including a battery system that lets your phone charge while in your pocket, a bit like Wi-Fi for power. Perhaps smartphone manufacturers are waiting for this to become more available so that fast charging batteries won't even be needed.

Expect to hear plenty more about battery discoveries as car and mobile manufacturers throw money at the research. When we'll actually get these new batteries in our handsets is still in question as safety testing is a big part of development.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.