A smartphone case doesn't always have to be about protection.

Japanese toy company Bandai has expanded its Crazy Case series to include a Back to the Future: Part II-inspired iPhone 6 case. It's a DeLorean with glowing blue lights, and it's debuting at a time that celebrates the film's 2015 setting.

It's not just a standard iPhone case, though: you can move the driver's-side front fender and wheel to reveal the phone's camera, for instance, while the other fender can open to provide access to your phone's side controls.

The headlights will even flash when you receive a call, and when you answer that call, you'll have to talk to the DeLorean's undercarriage for the caller to hear you. It's certainly a bulky solution, but still great for 80s film buffs.

Bandai's case is expected to ship in June. You can preorder it for around $50 (£32).