A new iPhone 6 is available from Goldgenie. It'll just cost you a couple million.

Goldgenie is a company that puts a luxurious spin on customised items, including the iPhone 6. It has just unveiled the new Diamond Ecstasy Collection, for instance, which features a range of iPhone 6 phones finished in a choice of 24K gold, rose gold, or platinum. Each phone is also embedded with hundreds of diamonds.

If you're interested in the Diamond Ecstasy collection, you can create a fully custom and unique iPhone 6 by not only choosing the metal finish, but also by picking the exact style of stone embellishment and personal engraving. You could select traditional white diamonds alongside ones in pink and black or even sapphires, emeralds, rubies, etc.

"Clients are encouraged to participate in the design process to ensure their phone is bespoke exactly to their preferences and guarantees that the end creation will be truly unique. Personal sentiment may also be added through a laser engraved message, name or symbol," explained Goldgenie on its website.

Goldgeniecan an iphone 6 really be worth 2 3 million goldgenie seems to think so image 4

Goldgenie claims to have made phones for celebrities like Elton John, the Beckhams, and P. Diddy. It's no surprise actually, considering prices for iPhones from the Diamond Ecstasy range start at £10,000 and rise to £2.3 million depending on specifications and value of stones used.

All iPhone 6 phones are customised at Goldgenie’s London workshop.

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