Nokia through the years: The best and worst phones, in pictures

Nokia made a brilliant return in recent years with its Android phones. But the company's history with devices has been hit and miss. (image credit: Nokia)
The Talkman was a chunky beast of a cellphone that you could theoretically take with you anywhere, but it was far from practical. (image credit: Nokia)
The Cityman is one of many famous Nokia phones from its early decades. Again, a chunky device by today's standards but really popular at the time. (image credit: Nokia)
This one was well-known at the time thanks to being the very first mass-produced GSM phone. (image credit: Nokia)
The 8110 made a special appearance on the big screen in the hands of Keanu Reeves in The Matrix.  (image credit: Nokia)
The Nokia 5110 is most well remembered for the classically addictive and frustratingly good game known as Snake. (image credit: Nokia)
Another phone that appeared on the big screen, this time in the hands of John Travolta in Swordfish. (image credit: Nokia)
The most iconic of all Nokia handsets, this phone was known for being robust and still is remember fondly by all to this day. (image credit: Nokia)
A phone with a full QWERTY keyboard seems unncessary in today's touchscreen world but at the time it was a marvel. (image credit: Nokia)
Nokia was trying to capture the attention of gamers with this phone, but mostly failed to complete with the popularity of the Gameboy. (image credit: Nokia)
Another first from Nokia - the first phone to have a built-in camera. (image credit: Nokia)
This might look like another N-Gage but it was actually mostly designed to be a music capable phone. (image credit: Nokia)
This phone was included in Nokia's Fashion Phone line-up. It looked like lipstick and had a screen that doubled as a mirror too. (image credit: Nokia)
The Nokia 7710 was Nokia's first touchscreen smart phone. A large phone by today's standards but the start of something special. (image credit: Nokia)
According to Nokia, 250 million people owned one of these badboys. (image credit: Nokia)
The 1020 notably featured a PureView Pro camera with a 41-megapixel image sensor. (image credit: Pocket-lint)
The Nokia 9 PureView is bonkers with five cameras and plenty more to keep it interesting too. (image credit: Pocket-lint)
The Nokia XR20 is an interesting phone with a rugged finish and the toughest design Nokia has ever made. (image credit: Pocket-lint)