Mozilla, famed for creating the Firefox browser, has announced a smartphone that it will sell in India for 1,999 rupees which is around £20.

The Intex Cloud FX's runs on Mozilla's operating system, making it the first in Asia to sports the OS. It will be joining a host of budget smartphones that are becoming a fast-growing market in India.

Microsoft was also vying for India's pockets with its budget dual-OS Nokia X handsets in an attempt to get its operating system into Asia. Android is already popular in Asia so other manufacturers are trying to Google there.

The Intex Cloud FX is not a phone to compete with higher end handsets but it does give users access to online services which might not be possible on entry level phones. The device comes with 4GB of memory, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and has dual-SIM capabilities – something which is very popular in Asia.

Mozilla's president, Li Gong said: "With the launch of Intex Cloud FX, we aim to enable the masses to get smartphone experience at the cost of a feature phone, [and] redefine the entry-level smartphone and create strong momentum in Asia."

The Mozilla Intex Cloud FX will be available to buy on India's online phone shopping site Snapdeal.

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