While Apple's reveal of its iPhone 6 in September is being accepted almost as fact, details are still subject to rumour. One area that's had a lot of attention is the screen resolution. So what can we expect?

Size jump

The iPhone 6 should have Apple's largest smartphone screen yet coming in at 4.7-inches. A big jump up from the iPhone 5S that currently sports a 4-inch display. There is also a rumoured iPhone Air which could have a 5.5-inch screen.

While details on the iPhone Air are more scarce, largely owing to reported manufacturing issues that may see it delayed until next year, the iPhone 6 has been leaking a lot. And now screen resolution details are emerging.

Higher resolution, but not high enough?

Will Apple retain its Retina display resolution as the screen size increases? It looks that way as an iOS 8 hidden code revelation suggests a 1472 x 828 pixel resolution. This would equate to a 360ppi display. Not quite up to the Samsung Galaxy S5's 560ppi but more than the iPhone 5S display which has 326ppi.

what will apple’s iphone 6 screen resolution be  image 2

A more recent rumour has surfaced from Russian luxury iPhone vendor Feld & Volk which claims the iPhone 6 has a 1704 x 960 resolution. This was concluded after the company reportedly put its iPhone 6 under a microscope to count the pixels. This would put the resolution at 416ppi. This would, obviously, be a more welcome pixel count but knowing Apple's past is not to be expected.

If the 1704 x 960 resolution were referring to the larger 5.5-inch iPhone Air this would mean a 355ppi resolution. This would seem reasonable if the iPhone 6 does come in at 360ppi.

Aiming for the top-end

It's all rumour at this stage but one thing that appears clear is that Apple doesn't seem to be aiming for the 2K resolutions Samsung and LG offer. It likely hopes to make up for this with many sensors, quality build and, hopefully, the iWatch companion.

Apple is expected to unveil the iPhone 6 and iWatch on 9 September.

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