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(Pocket-lint) - It appears Siri can help you commit the perfect crime. Well...almost.

According to The Independent, US police recently announced that a Florida man allegedly murdered his roommate and then, on the very day that the supposed victim went missing, asked Apple’s digital assistant Siri for advice on where to hide a body.

Pedro Bravo, 20, is facing charges for kidnapping and strangling Christian Aguilar in September 2012. The two men reportedly got into a heated argument when Aguilar began dating Bravo’s ex-girlfriend. Aguilar's body was found in a shallow grave nearby a forest only a few weeks after he went messing.

Police obtained Bravo's iPhone records as evidence and found that he used his iPhone's flashlight several times from 11:31 PM to 12:01 AM on the same day that Bravo disappeared. He purportedly told Siri: “I need to hide my roommate”. Siri then responded “What kind of place are you looking for?” and offered options like swamps, reservoirs, metal foundries, and dumps (as seen in the screenshot above).

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suspected florida murderer used siri for advice on hiding a body us police say image 3

Reports even claimed police looked at Bravo's location data, and that the data didn't correspond with Bravo's alibi. With so much evidence to go on, Bravo was promptly arrested, and his trial began last week. It's worth noting Aguilar, Bravo, and Bravo's ex-girlfriend all attended the same local Miami high school.

It's also very interesting that police were (and are) able to access sensitive iPhone data for investigation purposes.

Writing by Elyse Betters. Originally published on 13 August 2014.