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(Pocket-lint) - Every now and then a concept comes along that makes us ask, "how has this not been done yet?" The dual-touch smartphone design did exactly that.

The idea is to have a touch sensitive panel on the back of mobile phones, a bit like Sony's PS Vita does. It would mean accurate controls without blocking the screen with your hand and would also mean keeping the screen smudge-free.

LG's G2 and G3 phones have been massively popular, featuring the volume rocker and home buttons on the rear. Why not make all the touch controls rear placed where the space is largely unused?

As long as the rear touch panel is accurate it will mean a cursor of some sort can appear on the front to indicate your finger location for accurate controls. Selecting words in a body of text will be far easier without your finger getting in the way.

Another great idea from the concept is the use of pinch to zoom across dual screens. This could allow for rolling of 3D objects on the screen by rolling your thumb on the front and finger on the back, like rolling a pen. With more points of control 3D image manipulation will be more free than ever.

Then there's gaming. Finally on screen controls will be gone freeing up the entire display for the game while controls can be located out of sight on the rear of the device.

Here's hoping a phone manufacturer sees this brilliant idea and builds it into their phones and tablets soon.

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Writing by Luke Edwards. Originally published on 8 August 2014.