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(Pocket-lint) - A man has died trying to take a selfie while posing with a gun.

The 21-year old Mexican man, Oscar Otero Aguilar, had been drinking with friends before attempting to take the selfie reports Mexican news site Proceso.

Aguilar was reportedly trying to pose with a loaded gun. While juggling the gun and the camera for the selfie the weapon went off.

A neighbor heard the gunshot and called the police before finding him still alive. According to Mexican site Excelsior he was found dead at the scene.

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Aguilar was attempting to take a selfie to post on Facebook it was claimed.

One of Aguilar's friends, Omar Abner Campos Vives, was arrested. Another friend called 'El Paco' went on the run, according to Proceso. 

Where Aguilar got the gun isn't clear at this stage. The safety was presumably off and the gun was loaded when he posed for the selfie, obviously. The publications that have covered the news do not mention any inquiry into murder, making it seem more like a mistake, in spite of the arrest.

Selfies have been getting a lot of news coverage since the craze was put on the map at the Oscars with a selection of A-list celebs all crammed into one photo. As a result phones have been increasing the megapixels and options on front-facing cameras to make selfies clearer.

In the instance of posing with a weapon having one hand trying to line up a photo and reach for the shutter button was clearly too much. It's a tragic incident which is likely the first reported case of a death that was contributed to by a selfie.

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Writing by Luke Edwards. Originally published on 4 August 2014.