Samsung Mobile has published a new video to advertise that it is the first global partner of the ASP, otherwise known as the Association of Surfing Professionals. And the advert might seem awfully familiar to you.

The two-minute-long clip demonstrates how surfers worldwide live as if every day were day one. It's emotion-packed, maybe even cheesily, thanks to a powerful tune overlaid onto cinematic scenes of various surfers getting ready to ride the waves. There's not much talking. We're meant to sway to the music and get carried away with the idea of living full lives.

"Samsung Mobile are proud to be the first global partner of the ASP," explained Samsung in the video's description. "The first time you hold a surfboard, the first time you ride a wave, the first time you get barrelled, the first time you win a world title. It doesn't matter where you are from or how good you are. Every day is day one."

The advert - which spotlights the 2014 US leg of the ASP world tour and pro-surfers Kelly Slater, Stephanie Gilmore, Gabriel Medina, Mitch Crews, and Johanne Defa - will surely make you wish you weren't stuck at home but rather out on the beach being active. Some people however might simply be reminded about Apple.

Apple has released many adverts in recent months that have the same look and tone of Samsung's video. In both Strength and Parenthood, for instance, Apple conveyed an equally emotional message by depecting people either pushing themselves physically or loving life with their children via cinematic scenes that have little talking but perfectly-paired music.

The main difference between Samsung and Apple's adverts is that Samsung only highlighted its devices at the beginning and end of the video, choosing to focus on the ASP and the "every day were one day" theme instead. Apple tends to give a greater focus to the iPhone. In fact, almost every scene in Apple's videos show people interacting with an iPhone.

Let us know in the comments what you think about Samsung's new advert. Doesn't it make you want to get up and move (just like Apple's Strength advert does)?