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(Pocket-lint) - Those of you who love E Ink displays and phone cases better check out Oaxis' campaign on Kickstarter. The company has reworked its line of E Ink cases and developed a new version that comes with a removable 3.5-inch E Ink display module.

Following the success of the InkCase, Oaxis has announced a second-generation case called InkCase+. It packs more power as a "modular second screen" for Android phones. You can can use InkCase+ to save phone battery, read text in black and white for up to 19 hours (even in the absence of a power source), answer or end incoming calls from a phone, control your music, display photos, receive alerts for SMS, social network, and notifications, and play InkCase apps.

"InkCase+ will let consumers personalise their phone case and allow alerts to be pushed to the low power E Ink screen. This means that when users want to check their notifications or even read a book there’s no need to power on the main screen, what’s more the low power E Ink screen also means notifications are always visible," explained Oaxis in a press release. "The InkCase+ can provide reference materials such as maps, tickets or shopping lists even when it is out of power."

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Oaxis' original set of InkCase cases let anyone turn their phone into a dual-screened device. Despite being the same brand, the styles between the cases were really varied. The low-powered E Ink screen was also removable and featured Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity in order to sync with handsets. Pocket-lint had a brief demonstration with the cases earlier this year and liked that Oaxis had created apps and an SDK, enabling the cases to display books, sports data, photos, etc.

If you want the new InkCase+, simply pay $79 for the Very Early Bird Special on crowdfunding website Kickstarter. The retail price is expected to cost around $139. And if you really want to get involved with the project, you could pledge $10,000 to get a personalised case and become a business partner with Oaxis.

Watch the promo video below for more information.

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Writing by Elyse Betters. Originally published on 14 July 2014.