All travelers must now ensure their electronic devices are charged enough to power on before boarding any flight into or out of the UK.

In response to an alleged terror threat from last week, the US had ordered overseas airports with direct flights to the country to heighten security measures. The measures included enhanced screening of electronic devices, such as phones, tablets, and laptops. And now the Department for Transport has issued a similar order.

It is not clear why the DfT has extended the US's security checks from last week, but analysts are claiming that Islamic militants in Syria and Yemen may have developed bombs undetectable by airport security. According to the BBC, the DfT's new measures will include devices stowed away in hand luggage.

Travelers should charge their devices because they'll be required to switch them on in front of airport security in order to prove they are real. Any powerless devices may not be allowed on board UK flights, meaning some travelers will have to abandon their devices or not catch their flight.

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The DfT has not elaborated on the situation, but it released the following statement to the BBC: "In line with the US advice, passengers on some routes into and out of the UK may now also be required to show that electronic devices in their hand luggage are powered up or face not being allowed to bring the device onto the aircraft.

"Passengers flying into or out of the UK are therefore advised to make sure electronic devices being carried in their hand luggage are charged before they travel."

A DfT spokesperson said the government agency is working with the aviation industry to minimise disruption.