Of all the odd things we've seen or read about the iPhone 6, this Russian language YouTube video probably the most peculiar. Not only is a video starring an alleged iPhone 6 prototype handset - of what origin we haven't a clue - but the presenter then proceeds to chuck it around to show how damaged it gets when dropped.

What this proves is anybody's guess. Well, apart from how shonkily made a "prototype" iPhone 6 is.

Sadly, we don't speak Russian so we're not sure if there's a full explanation of where the device came from (left on a stool in a Moscovian bar?) or the exact reasoning for such an odd turn of events. However, it grabbed our attention and it's a strangely alluring video, if only to see how not to treat prototype handsets.

The real iPhone 6 is expected to be released around September time and there have been many rumours suggesting that Apple will introduce two different models with different screen sizes. We'll keep you informed of any further developments over the next month or so. Expect the speculation to ramp up.

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