What's the one sure way to make an iPhone 5S better? Cover it in gold, obviously. And a step above that? Carve Vladamir Putin's face on the back, of course. And now you can, presuming you've got spare cash and absolutely no taste.

The "Supremo Putin" iPhone 5S is obviously a limited edition and for that you'll be paying £4,300. This will get you Putin's face engraved on the back of your new gold phone, in case he wasn't in your field of view enough lately.

Caviar is the company responsible for this, creation. They will throw in a display case and accessories with the £4,300 purchase. They're good like that.

Direct from the horse's mouth Caviar says: "President Vladimir Putin has become a symbol of the new generation, strong-willed and a decisive leader. It was him that jewellers Caviar chose among the most important figures of our time."

And if you were worried about it going out of date Caviar can update the phone inside as new models come out. Phew.

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