The European Commission has just given Dixons and Carphone Warehouse the approval to merge.

In May, mobile phone giant Carphone Warehouse and electronics specialist Dixons announced a £3.8 billion merger deal. Something Pocket-lint revealed was in the works last March.

As part of the deal, Dixons, the owner of Currys and PC World, will join with Carphone Warehouse to create a new firm known as Dixons Warehouse. The ownership will be split evenly between the two firms.

The European Commission announced on 25 June that the merger of Dixons and Carphone Warehouse is good to go, enabling the two companies to begin working out the details, which includes what to do with their collective 35,000 employees.

Dixons operates more than 500 Currys and PC World stores across the UK, and Carphone Warehouse operates more than 2,000 stores.

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Sebastian James, the CEO of Dixons, claimed the merger should create a seamless experience for our customers. It is also expected to create significant job numbers, even though 2 per cent of current employees are reportedly in the line of fire.

The merger should save the companies about £80 million per year.