(Pocket-lint) - Google I/O, the company's developer conference, kicks off today, 25 June, and it is widely expected that senior vice president Sundar Pichai will at the very least offer up a preview of the next build of Android (possibly Android 5.0).

Added to that speculation has been talk, not of what the next version might include, but what it might be called.

If Google sticks with its most recent tried and trusted naming convention, it will be named after a sweet or dessert starting with the letter "L". The last build is dubbed KitKat and was licensed from Nestle, and before that we had Jelly Bean, Ice Cream Sandwich, Honeycomb and Gingerbread.

Many online have already started to use Lollipop, but we're hedging our bets. So, here's a few others we've come up with that we think would fit.

Lemon Drizzle Cake

As lemon drizzle cake is very much British, it's unlikely that Google would name its global Android operating system after it. However, we like the cake and the name, so there.


It was also subject of one of the better sketches of Little Britain, and for that reason we'd laugh our hats off if Pichai says it out loud at I/O.

Liquorice Allsort

We love liquorice allsorts here at Pocket-lint and bar their mildly laxative nature, think the sweet variety would make a good Android suffix.

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In a way, the mix of different styles and fact that people have different favourites suits all builds of Android.

Life Saver

Much like the lemon drizzle cake is very much linked to Britain, Life Savers - the fruity Polo style sweets - are firmly rooted in the US.


However, it's not unheard of for Google to focus on a US-centric name for its Android build. Ice Cream Sandwich is very American in wording. And surely associating Android with being a Life Saver is no bad thing.

Lemon Sherbert

Hmmmmm... Lemon sherberts... Hard on the outside and oh so fizzy in the middle. Shame they almost always end up cutting the roof of your mouth and leaving the taste of a mixture your own blood and lemony residue behind.


This is actually the favourite name of our own CEO Stuart MIles and can therefore be considered a good outside bet as he can often be right about these sorts of things.

Lion Bar

However, the rest of us are leaning toward Lion Bar as the next Android name. For a start, it is a confectionery made by Nestle, which Google is already partnered with for KitKat. Secondly, it is bold, strong and full of secret goodness in the middle. Like Android, some might say.


The only downsides for Android 5.0 Lion Bar are that it once again gives the impression that Google is selling out and with Apple only recently using Mountain Lion for its OS X build it might be considered too closely linked.

So those are our alternatives, what are yours? Let us know if you've got any other thoughts on the name of the next build of Android in the comments below... 

Writing by Rik Henderson.