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(Pocket-lint) - Control everything from one point. That's the future. And it's one Apple is introducing with HomeKit.

HomeKit uses the iPhone's secure Touch ID to control individual or groups of devices in the house like home locking systems and more. If a user is hooked up with a network controlled system it can all be manipulated with iOS 8, presuming it's got an app that works with the device.

Thanks to Apple locations based software it will also work based on a person's position. So if an owner approaches the house a tap of Touch ID could unlock the door, turn on the lights and even open the garage. Home lighting systems plus heating and cooling are, of course, going to be at the user's fingertips via the iPhone.

And all these systems can be controlled with Siri too. Simple tell Siri you're off to bed and all the set procedures will kick in like locking the doors and turning off your lights. Of course, knowing Siri, you'll probably wake up with nothing in your house and the heating on full blast.

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Google has already bought Nest and Samsung is pushing its Smart Home range, giving Apple plenty of competition. But with the iWatch set to arrive soon we're excited to imagine controlling everything from just a watch.

Apple hasn't wasted any time getting partners with many big names involved including Philips, Honeywell, Withings, Netatmo, Broadcom, Texas Instruments and more.

Writing by Luke Edwards. Originally published on 2 June 2014.