Swarovski Optik specialises in binocular and viewing devices for nature and sports observation, which is all well and good but how to you ensure you get to take home memories of your twitching activities without the need for an expensive DSLR and zoom lens?

The company has therefore released an adapter for the iPhone 5 or 5s that attaches the handset to a Swarovski Optik pair of binoculars or spotting scope. You can then shoot photos using the phone of animals and objects that appear far away.

The PA-i5 is available for a variety of Swarovski Optik viewing products and you need to specify which range when ordering from the company's online retail store. It is made from rugged aluminium, with the phone sitting in a frame and the adapter ring sits completely around one of the eyepieces, so the iPhone's camera lens sees the action perfectly.

The adapter costs £113 so is more aimed at the dedicated enthusiast, but considering the company's binocular range is mid- to high-end that's its market anyway.