Meet the Raspberry PiPhone, handmade by one man from a Raspberry Pi and other components.

David Hunt made the PiPhone from scratch by combining a Raspberry Pi unit with a small touchscreen, a GSM phone module and a battery. That's a very basic way of describing what he's managed to do. The end result is a mobile phone complete with dialler interface.

Hunt says all the components totalled a cost of just $158. In reality it would cost a bit more to make a final unit since this one, Hunt says, gets a little hot even without a case on. He also points out that a separate headset with microphone is required to actually talk since PiPhone doesn't have a mic or speaker built into the device itself.

The PiPhone appears to be a phone and nothing else. Although Hunt does mention there is a lot to boot so perhaps he's building in more functions that haven't been revealed yet. Though we wouldn't hold our breath for Angry Birds.

Since Hunt chose to dial his own number in the video feel free to give him a call of congratulations. He's probably had a few of those already.