Future Samsung smartphones could feature a 5.7-inch QHD AMOLED 2,560 x 1,400-resolution display with 513 pixels per inch, thanks to Taiwan-based AU Optronics and its latest HD panel technology.

Samsung revealed earlier this year that it was developing a WQHD AMOLED display, but AU Optronics, a display maker for many gadgets including Samsung devices, has beaten the South Korean Giant to the punch. It has just announced the "world's highest resolution" AMOLED panel with 513 ppi.

It's a slim in-cell touch AMOLED panel that is only 0.57mm thick, and it requires a special driver design from AU Optronics. The driver increases touch sensitivity and as a result can support 10 touch points. AU Optronics said it also has a 6-inch QHD AMOLED in the works.

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Samsung will likely deliver its own QHD AMOLED panels however, since the company is working on such thing, and we might even see it roll out for the next Galaxy Note. That's just speculation, though handsets are certainly becoming smarter and more pixel-packed every day.