Texas Instruments has produced a chipset that will allow mobile manufacturers to squeeze 720p Pico projectors into their mobiles.

The Pico Chipset is a big step up from the last model as it now boasts 100 per cent brightness while using 50 per cent less battery. And using IntelliBright smarts it can either increase brightness or consume less power as per the environment or user settings.

The Pico chipset also features a fast switch speed which means it's the world's smallest true colour RGB engine with 120Hz video performance.

Until now the closest to this level of projection in a mobile was from the Samsung Galaxy Beam. That's able to throw up a 640 x 360 resolution picture, but at the cost of battery life.

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While this new Texas Instruments technology makes portable projectors a more viable option it's unlikely this niche market will be catered for by mobile manufacturers anytime soon. Perhaps this is the start of a new wave of projector cases that can fit any mobile.