Lenovo has just shared a graph with Pocket-lint that shows why the company was so keen to buy Motorola from Google this year.

The reason? It's PC sales have stagnated while its smartphone and tablet business is skyrocketing.

The graph shows that its tablet and smartphone sales have already eclipsed its ThinkPad laptop sales, indicating just how much of a post-PC era we are in now.

According to the chart, total Lenovo tablet and smartphone volumes have now exceeded the number of PC sold since the company first started offering mobile devices in 2011.

Lenovo says that it has sold 17.3 million smartphones and tablets since 2011 compared to 15.3 million laptops in the same time, and that gap is only going to grow more.

Lenovo is hoping the Motorola purchase will help catapult that number even further once the deal goes through.

Lenovo announced in January that it was buying Motorola from Google for $2.91 billion.