Mobile phone signal blocking kit will be turned on in Scottish prisons in the coming weeks. With phones as the cause of many inside "hits" and drug deals it's amazing this technology hasn't been used sooner.

The introduction of the technology comes after legislation was passed to allow the Scottish Prison Service to interfere with mobile phone signals.

Two pilot sites, at Shotts and Glenochil, will be the first two prisons to test the technology starting in a few weeks.

Possession of a mobile phone by people in custody has been illegal since 2010. Yet they are linked to the supply of drugs, organised crime and harassment in prisons with 1,998 mobiles having been found in Scottish prisons since 2011 - 212 of them in Shotts.

Scottish Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill says: "This new legislation will allow SPS to further extend their technology to disrupt the use of mobile phones by prisoners and is scheduled to be operational in a matter of weeks."