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(Pocket-lint) - UPDATE: Sadly, T-Mobile has now removed the glitch and the contract price is back to normal.

For all those who managed to grab it at the time, it still seems that T-Mobile will be honouring those contracts.

You can read the original story below...

A glitch on T-Mobile's online site in the UK has meant that some customers have got themselves a 12-month mobile phone contract for absolutely nothing. They will not have to pay a penny for an entire year for 250 minutes, 500 texts and 500MB of 3G data.

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HotUKDeals, whose members discovered the glitch, has informed Pocket-lint that customers who have signed up to the SIM-only plan have received confirmation emails from T-Mobile that their contracts will still be honoured, even though the free offer was an error.

The contract is actually worth £96 over the 12-month period, so customers are naturally happy to have reaped the benefit.

t mobile gaff gives 12 month sim only contracts away for free update  image 2

HotUKDeals member SilverBandit was one of those quick off the mark, commenting: “Great spot, HOT! Ordered.”

Another member, akhiladmin, gave some advice too. "It might be cancelled, but if the price is raised, T-Mobile has a 7 day cancellation policy - so no worries," he said.

T-Mobile has responded to say the glitch will be removed, but Pocket-lint has seen that it is still live at present. Check it out under the SIM-only plans on T-Mobile.co.uk.

From our test, it seems from the checkout page that an £8 discount is listed as only occurring the once (for the first month), and that might have been the original point, but we suspect that because T-Mobile advertised the monthly cost as being "£0.00 a month for 12 months" on the preceding page, that is why it is honouring contracts. Whether it still is we're not yet sure.

You can see more from actual users on the HotUkDeals forum.

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 18 November 2013.