4G has  been on British shores for only a short while and already plans are afoot to grow it even further in the near future. 4G is still rolling out across the country with EE and other networks starting to join the bandwagon this December. Now more bandwidth is available, securing its future growth.

The Ministry of Defence is releasing a huge chunk of its spectrum for commercial use. 190 MHz of radio spectrum will be freed up for Ofcom to sell off - that's roughly 75 per cent the amount that was recently auctioned off in February 2013.

Ofcom will start to auction off this extra bandwidth not only to networks but also to other interested parties. But what does this mean for consumers? As more people offer 4G the airwaves will get crowded. This extra bandwidth will mean networks can continue to offer high speed access, no matter how many people sign up.

For a wider use Ofcom is hoping companies will start offering 4G wireless broadband. As more devices rely on the spectrum, from cars to cardiac monitors, this is great news for UK 4G connectivity.

Ofcom expects the spectrum to be awarded in the financial year of 2015-16.